LightView XL Magnifying Glass Light: 2in1 Floor Standing to Table Lamp

$94.99 Regular price $104.99

Size: 2.25x Magnification

Color: 2.25x Magnification / White

The Widest Viewer Of Any Magnifier Lamp On The Market

With a rectangular 5-diopter lens (225% magnification strength aka 2.25x) that measures 6” wide by 4.5” long, the XL Edition of LightView PRO brings reading fine print and working on detailed tasks into clearer focus than ever before for aging eyes. Gone is the inconvenience of a round lens; an elongated magnifier captures a greater breadth of details within a single frame.

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    • Floor Lamp Or Table Lamp – Your Choice

    Assemble LightView PRO XL to suit your needs. The versatile, innovative design lets you customize the height of your lamp. An adjustable 1 ¼” wide arm attached to a slightly arched metal support of 2” diameter easily rests on a desk or table. To convert to a floor lamp, simply insert the included straight pole in between the flex arm and the base, and you’re good to go!

    • Daylight-bright, Money-saver Led

    Drawing on just 9 watts, this energy-saving Magnifier Lamp will last up to 100,000 hours. 60 embedded miniature LED lights orbit the rectangle-shaped, 5-diopter glass, producing brightness without generating heat. The lamp's 900 lumens equal a 65W incandescent bulb. Light color temperature is 5,000 Kelvin, meaning its cool white hue brings every detail into focus. Slender arm pivots in any direction; adjust position without loosening or tightening knobs.

    • 5 Year Satisfaction Guaranteed:

    We stand behind our products 100%. All Brightech Magnifier LED lamps to come with a 5-year warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us. Our industry-leading commitment to you will make things right!

    • Genuine Diopter Glass Lens For Durability

    Unlike plastic (acrylic) lenses that scratch easily or get distorted by heat or sparks from soldering, our lenses are made with genuine diopter glass. That makes them scratch and heat resistant for much greater durability.

      It's great for soldering circuit boards, pulling splinters and reading the fine print on pill bottles and contracts.


      The intensity of the light is just right so there is no glare. In my work environment it is very important to have a light which can be easily cleaned on all surfaces.

      The King Family

      Love it. I can't live without now. My reading glasses are 1.50 but this magnifier is way more powerful.

      P. Colon

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 38 reviews
      Great LightView XL 2in1 Floor & Table Lamp

      Finally got a chance to put the light together. I am using the floor stand.
      Pros: sturdy stand, light is bright, magnifying glass and light have large viewing area, adjustable arm
      Cons: fixing screw B was loose had to repair
      I am please with this light and will recommend it!

      Bought another one

      Because of the quality we purchased one for our parents. You seen them from everything from fly fishing rod repair to needle work, built like a tank!

      Bright, Powerful, and Versatile

      The Light View XL magnifier really is a winner. The LED's provide very even light, and the dimming settings are a real plus. Second, the magnifier is large, and much better than the smaller, round lenses. For aging eyes, the magnification is great, too.The dust cover also helps keep the lens clean. Third, the included pole extension provides useful/practical options. After experimenting with the "floor" option, I opted for the "desktop" option. The lamp's footprint (with the anti-tip/stability bar extended from the base), however, does take up a bit of space. Even so, the "swing of the lamp now provides lighting over more of the workbench surface. Nice to have these options.

      Be ready when assembling, as the base is heavy (hence the need for the metal stability bar). The spring action in the arm sections also are pretty strong. The weight and fluid action in the arms is quite smooth, but still firm enough to keep the lamp in place where you focus it. It feels very stable.

      If there is one point for possible improvement, I would say it is in the swivel mounting, which uses a set screw to keep the lamp arm from moving too far to one side/coming out of its mounting (base or pole extension). This does restrict the side to side capability somewhat, but in a floor mounting, this would be a definite safety consideration. Since I needed to be able to swing the lamp out over my work area and away from the back wall, I set up the lamp in a back corner of my work bench and loosened the set screw to allow free swivel movement. I know this may conflict a bit with the safety aspect, but I do not intend to lift the arm of the lamp up and out of its base. Being no engineer, not sure how else to resolve this safety - convenience issue.

      All said, this is a great lamp and perfect solution for my work bench and my need to examine/work with very small items. The lamp is great-looking in either of its configurations, it is reasonably priced, and I easily recommend it.

      Great light!

      The best for stitching and embroidery!

      Awesome lamp

      Easy to put together, works and looks great with our mid century decor.

      Excellent for reading, etc

      Great light for reading. Bought to use for cross stitch but have not tried yet. Working on getting magnifing glass in correct position. I do like the feature of changing brightness on lamp

      Great Lamp - Just What My Tired Eyes Needed!

      I used magnifying specs until I saw this lamp. I knew it was the perfect lamp for my nail art, and I was right! Great buy! Would totally recommend!


      What a difference the light makes when doing craft work and even reading.

      This lamp has allowed me to return to making hand made jewelry.

      I love it. LED light is not harmful to my eyes, both of which have teats of the gel covering the retina. The lens is a large size suitable for crafts, art, reading...I feel so much les disabled after having purchased it. PS Company should bring one out w a higher degree of magnification for those who are worse of than me.

      Craft Light

      A great light for craft stitching.