LightView Flex - Bright LED Magnifying Clamp Lamp For Desk & Table

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Color: Black

Ultra Bright Magnifying Lamp For Reading, Work, Or Hobbies

The Brightech LightView Flex Super Bright LED Magnifying Clamp Lamp is designed for anyone with vision problems such as macular degeneration or those who need to constantly focus up close on their work or hobbies. This lamp has an authentic 3 inch diopter glass lens that shines daylight bright light without any glare and 175% or 1.75x magnification so that you can enjoy your work or hobbies without eye strain.

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  • Clamp Lamp Easily Attaches And Detaches

    This UL Certified, heavy duty, extremely stable clamp opens up to 2.5 inches and conveniently attaches to a desk, workbench, or table. It is lightweight making it easy to detach and reattach to any surface that you need. The gooseneck and flexible head allows for bending and swiveling 360 degrees so that you can position the light where your eyes need it most. The detachable mobility and adjustability of this lamp make it ideal for work or hobbies. 
  • Versatile, Adjustable & Stays Cool To The Touch

    The Pro-Flex Lamp is fully adjustable with a flexible gooseneck that will bend in any direction so that you can position the light and magnifier perfectly. It always stays cool to the touch making it easy to adjust the lamp comfortably while you work. This lamp is perfect for reading, crossword puzzles, needlework, knitting, crocheting, cross stitch, beading, arts, crafts, repairing electronics, woodwork, jewelry making, or professional use. 
  • Long Lasting & Energy Efficient

    This lamp includes a 6 Watt power-saving integrated LED light that will last more than 20 years and will not need to be replaced. Its advanced 6,000K cool white LED technology with an output of 570 lumens allows it to outshine lamps that depend on short-lived, energy consuming standard halogen or incandescent bulbs. This lighting will last for more than 20 years without burning out or overheat. Equals 40W incandescent 
  • 5 Year Satisfaction Guaranteed:

    Our goal at Brightech is to provide creative, innovative, and beautiful lighting so that everyone can have quality, high-end lighting in their home and office. We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a Full 5 Year Warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us because our number one goal is customer satisfaction and we are committed to making it right for you. 

      The gooseneck is metal, with a rubberized coating and is very secure and firm. You can bend it as needed, and it stays in place nicely. The magnifying lens is very powerful.


      My sight is getting worse due to age and the light in my house is not very good. I had to set my last project down for 2 years, sadly. The Lightview Flex has saved my favorite hobby! I can swing the very sturdy light and magnifier over my pattern to count, then back over my lap to stitch. I can also now very easily read the numbers on my threads, thread my needles, and keep up with my counts much more easily on my pattern. I am so happy, I feel like a young whippersnapper again. There is nothing like creating a beautiful piece of art with my own hands.


       I wanted LED, and magnification would be a bonus so I didn't have to always wear reading glasses or that monstrous LED magnifying helmet. This lamp seemed as if it would fulfill both of those issues, and I can honestly say that it did. If you're not familiar with N scale model railroading, it is 1/160th scale. That makes a 50 foot freight car or building less than 4 inches long. Yeah, pretty small for 72 year old eyes. This lamp, so far, makes the hobby more exacting and more fun.


      Customer Reviews

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      Best Lamp Ever Found

      This is the best lamp like this I have ever found! I am legally blind but can still read and write if I have a bright light and magnifier, I really like how stable the stand is and the clamp is really strong. The LED is great and very bright, it illuminates a nice sized area, up to 20” in diameter! This is 5 stars!


      I needed a desk lamp with magnification for my small object hobby. I had bought a Brightech lamp before and am very happy. This lamp is such high quality and the LED is great . The lens is so clear unlike an incandescent lamp. I will definitely be buying more.


      This is such a sturdy lamp and the clip is very strong. I love the bright LED and magnifying glass. I do very detailed work on lifelike dolls that have hair that needs to be sown in one strand at a time, I tell all my friends to get one!

      Lightview Flex

      Convenient for travel and I use for needlepointing by attaching to the stand-up rack's frame.