LightView PRO SuperBright 56 LED Magnifier Lamp - Adjustable Swivel Arm - 5 Diopter 5" Lens - Space Saving Clamp - White # B00UW2IRJ2

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Our 5"-diameter lens pairs with 2.25X magnification and 650 Lumens to bring hard-to-see small details back into sharp, clear focus. Essential for reading or crafting.

A heavy-duty aluminum clamp conveniently attaches to a desk or table; the 38-inch triple-joint arm with an internal cantilever swivels 360 degrees for fast, versatile adjustment. Position the light where your eyes need it most! Weighs under 7 pounds.

Drawing on fewer than 9 watts, this energy-saving Magnifier Lamp will last up to 100,000 hours. 56 miniature LED lights orbit the glass, producing brightness without generating heat. A flip-up cover protects the lens from dust. Concealable 60-inch cord with UL listed AC power adaptor plugs into 110-120V outlets.

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View almost anything more brightly

Aging eyes lose their ability to focus at close range, yet this slender lamp that takes up a mere 2 inches of desk space has a 5-diopter lens to make small print loom large again! View almost anything more brightly than before; the focal range extends up to 9 inches.

Flex the arm where you want it to be. The LightView PRO LED Magnifier Lamp swivels around 360 degrees. A spring-loaded tension adjuster on the joint next to the light stays exactly where you move it - precisely the attribute a desk lamp should have! Adjust without loosening or tightening knobs.

The Magnifier Lamp lets you get closer

The Magnifier Lamp lets you get closer to your pastimes again. It works well for knitting, sewing, stitching, or reading - and also for soldering circuit boards! Mount to a stand in your garage or workshop, and you'll be able to see the finest details and spot the smallest flaws in any task with our 2.25X lens.

Unlike rooms lighted by incandescent or fluorescent lamps, Brightech's 56-LED Magnifier always stays cool, even after hours of use. A great choice for a craft lamp, it provides constant bright white light without glare, consumes less energy, and never gets hot



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