LightView PRO SuperBright Magnifier Floor Lamp with 42 LED's - Extra-Large Lens & Adjustable Height - White # B00UW2H1Z8

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Designed for aging eyes, this professional-quality 42-LED floor lamp boasts the largest available magnifier lens, made of authentic diopter glass, with a 15"+ focal range.

Our 3-diopter lens brings renewed clarity to reading, working crossword puzzles, knitting, crocheting, and more! The size of the viewing magnifier lens measures about 6.5 x 4 inches.

A gooseneck makes LightView PRO easily adjust to your comfort: height can be modified from 42" to 55"; an extra-solid metal base firmly anchors your lamp so that the top stabilizes.

Energy-saving LED light uses only 9 watts; stays cool for hours, never generates heat or glare of incandescent bulbs. Weighs just under 20 pounds for ease of portability.

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Product Description

Possibly the best present you will ever give, the LightView PRO SuperBright Magnifier LED Floor Lamp comes strongly recommended for anyone facing challenges due to macular degeneration. Grandmothers adore this product: the large magnifying glass brings an entire page into focus - there's no need to move a book or newspaper around as they read. Ideal for use as a craft lamp, it lets aging eyes see intricate embroidery close-up once more!

We make our Magnifier lens of genuine diopter glass; lesser, cheaper units only paste plastic magnifying sheets onto ordinary glass. Brightech's high-quality 3-inch diameter lens magnifies 1.75 times - eliminating eyestrain for elderly readers. There are less expensive magnifier lamps out there, but none of them has the quality or workmanship of a Brightech lamp. None of them has the vivid daylight hues of power-bill-saving LED. In addition, the LED light never has to be replaced because its integrated into the fixture and expected to last over 20 years. Available in black or white, LightView PRO functions nicely as a desk lamp or next to a table.

The lamp's slender shape means that it doesn't take up too much space in living rooms. The flexible gooseneck feature bends and curves from a range of 42 to 55 inches to reach your height comfort. Lesser reading lamps lack a sufficiently strong base; Brightech's design incorporates a much heavier steel base so that the top light won't tip over and crash into things, no matter how you contour the flexible neck. LightView PRO will stand securely even on thicker carpets, making this Magnifier Floor Lamp an essential component of well-lighted homes.


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