LightView Pro 2-in-1 Dimmable LED Magnifier Table and Floor Lamp - With Cool White / Warm White Color Temperature Adjusting LED's - SuperBright with 90 LED's and X-Large Lens # JE-JVO9-TK1M

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Advanced LED technology makes this the most versatile lamp on the market. A color adjuster lets you choose your preferred range: bask in warm white 3,000K or switch to daylight bright 6000K for bringing intricate tasks into sharp focus, or choose any color level in between. By-touch dimmer on the lamp head helps you adjust the brightness level.

Get a leg up over ordinary task lamps with this ingenious 2-in-1 solution! As a table lamp, LightView Pro fits snugly on a desk or worktable. But it also extends upward, on a slender leg embedded within the base. Voila! You now have a floor stand, too. In either table or floor configuration, the adjustable neck pivots in any direction. Table Dimensions: 79 x 23 x 62 cm. Full height: 79 x 29 x 100 cm.

Our 3-diopter lens brings renewed clarity to reading, working crossword puzzles, knitting, crocheting, and more! Designed for aging eyes, this professional-quality 90-LED floor lamp boasts a 1.75X magnifier lens made of authentic diopter glass.

Energy-efficient LED light uses only 9 watts in total; lamp stays comfortably cool even after several hours of use, never generates heat or the glare of incandescent bulbs. Burns brightly with 800 lumens; intended for 110V outlets.

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3-diopter magnifying lens

The LightView PRO 2-in-1 Colors Edition LED Magnifier Lamp with Adjustable Warm & Cool Light Temperatures LED's comes strongly recommended for anyone facing challenges due to macular degeneration. The 3-diopter magnifying lens brings an entire page into focus - there's no need to move a book or newspaper around as you read. Ideal for use as a craft lamp, LightView PRO lets aging eyes see intricate embroidery close-up once more!

It's dimmable, it's adjustable for color intensity, and it functions as both a table lamp as well as a floor lamp. If you're on a tight budget, consolidate your lighting needs with this innovation by Brightech. In its compact table lamp mode, LightView PRO makes a splendid addition to any desk or hobby bench. The flexible arm pivots to reach angles that best suit your comfort, and our lightweight design makes this versatile invention easy to tote from room to room.

easier on your eyes

A color temperature adjuster on the lamp head also gives you a choice that lesser lamps don't provide. If the full brightness of cool white feels too harsh on your eyes, LightView PRO Colors Edition lets you decide between soft warmth and ultra-sharp. When you need daylight bright lighting to see every detail, opt for the color temperature of 6,000 Kelvin. For those times when you prefer softer lighting, select the more soothing warm white of 3,000 Kelvin that's easier on your eyes. You can also adjust the color level anywhere in-between 3,000K - 6,00K. Dimmability feature also allows you to adjust the brightness level.

We make our Magnifier lens of genuine diopter glass; cheaper units only paste plastic magnifying sheets onto ordinary glass. Brightech's high-quality 3-inch diameter lens magnifies 1.75 times - eliminating eyestrain for elderly readers. There are less expensive magnifier lamps out there, but none of them has the quality or workmanship of a Brightech lamp.



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