SCORPION Portable Car Battery Jump Starter with SmartJump Technology - Combination Handheld Jump Box and Battery Charger for Electronics and Mobile Devices with Carrying Case - The Ultimate Power Booster to Keep in your Car - Crimson Red # 7A-IQWT-SXWX

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Put time on your side with this handy, quick, efficient portable jumper that revives a dead car battery just like that! Never be stranded again. Will work in extreme weather conditions, from as cold as minus 4 to as hot as 140 degrees Fahrenheit!

Small enough to store in a glove compartment, yet powerful enough to revive V6 and Diesel engines. Compatible with 3L and lower gas/petrol engines and 2.5L desiel powered vehicles. This portable mini jumpstart has a long-lasting, compact 37Wh lithium battery with 400 Amp peak.

Brightech's "SmartJump" feature protects from short-circuiting, anti-recharge, and overcharge. 5 blue LED lights indicate the power you've got left after each jump. Comes with 120v and 220v compatible home charger. Safe to carry on a plane.

The SCORPION not only brings your car battery back to life, it recharges your laptop, tablet, cell phones, and much more all in ONE portable device. Built-in flashlight sends out SOS distress signals! All SCORPION components fit easily within a zippered case.

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An emergency tool that gets you back on

An emergency tool that gets you back on the road when your vehicle battery drains, Brightech SCORPION Portable Battery Jump Starter revives cars old and new. Designed to leave in your glove compartment year round throughout summer heat and winter chill, this booster pack was made small enough to fit into your pockets. The SCORPION keeps working across extremes of hot or cold weather, from 4 below zero to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an indispensable tool for desert climates and frozen tundra alike.

It's easy and safe to use

It's easy and safe to use, and the SCORPION works on everything: RVs, ride-on lawnmowers, motorcycles, full-size pickups, SUVs, 6-cylinder engines, and Diesel - getting them going again with a pair of red and black mini-jumpers. Brightech's "SmartJump" feature recognizes positive and negative poles while providing protection from short-circuiting, anti-recharge, and overcharge. When at 100% capacity, the device automatically shuts off.

This mini jump box revives vehicles whose engines have sat idle for extended periods, and it also powers up iPhones, tablets, laptops, Samsung Galaxy phones, digital cameras, Kindle, and more. Perfectly safe to transport on an airplane, the SCORPION portable jumper may be the handiest travel companion you'll ever have.



Capacity: 10,000 mAh
Life Cycles: 500-1000
Jump Start Current: 200-400A
Dimensions: 6.1 x 3 x 1.2 in
Weight: 14 ounces

What's Included:
1 - Scorpion Car Jumper
1 - Mini-jumper clamps
1 - Cigarette car charger
1 - Home outlet charger
3 - USB adapters (Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin, Micro-USB)
8 - Laptop Adapters
1 - Carrying Case


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