Eclipse LED Floor Lamp – Rings of Light Bring Sci-Fi Ambiance to Contemporary Spaces - 28 Watts – Dimmable Bright Light - Silver Finish # PL-K5S8-9GEZ

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Like a pair of shining halos, the twin rings of the Eclipse beam brightly. Inside the rings are circles of LED lights that stay cool to the touch; the rings may be adjusted up and down, illuminating the night hours in sci-fi style. Slender design makes this floor lamp a practical choice for intimate dwellings.

A dimmer button on the lamp allows for altering the brightness of the rings. Select among 3 different light levels, taking the double rings from full-on brightness to softer, ambient mood lighting.

Energy-saving, long-lasting 28-watt LED fixtures let you bask for hours by these orbs of light. LED lighting never overheats the room; read your favorite fiction or review documents comfortably throughout the night.

Thanks to a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, the Eclipse glows with warm white light in your living space or office. The dual rings have 2,000 Lumens altogether. Easily assembled in 30 minutes.

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Brightech's science-fiction-inspired Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

Brightech's science-fiction-inspired Eclipse LED Floor Lamp lands nicely within contemporary dwellings. The lamp's adjustable double rings encircle your domain with energy-saving LED light and create mood-enhancing ambiance. A dimmer on the power button brings you three levels of lighting: bright enough to read by or a choice of two softer tones. Tap or press firmly to achieve desired setting.

What's in the box and how does it all fit together?

The outer container measures 21 inches wide by 25 inches in height, with a 3-inch diameter. Inside, carefully packaged sealed cardboard with protective inserts hold a heavy, weighted base (white), power cord (white), the lamp stem in four sections (sheathed in plastic) with the electrical cord already threaded through the pole, AND the dual orbs. A vertical tier of four silver cubes unites the two rings on a single spoke.


No screwdriver necessary!

The base has a detachable black cap atop the base screw; remove this round sleeve to begin assembly. Insert bottom pole section (the one with power jack attached) and tighten by turning counter-clockwise, then repeat with each adjoining pole section. To situate the top pole, adjust the interior wire by pulling gently on power jack on the bottom pole – the wire retracts! Lamp head has another round black cap to remove, then tighten orb fixture by counter-clockwise turns until secure.


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