Brightech Warranty Information


Your order number will be needed to extend your warranty or to make a warranty claim.

  • customers can easily find their order number by clicking here.
  • customers can click here to easily find their order number.

Extend Your Warranty For FREE

On products that are already covered by our standard 3-year warranty term, you can extend your warranty coverage from three to five years at no extra cost by filling out a very short registration form: Click here to extend your warranty

File A Warranty Claim

If your product exhibits a manufacturing error or defect, you can file a warranty claim with our customer support team: Click here to file a warranty claim

Please note: Our warranty is only valid within the United States and extends for three years from your order date. Our warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. Damage caused by unintended use, abuse, neglect, accidents, or natural disasters is not covered under our warranty. All warranty claims must present full documentation of defects and may first require verification from our customer support team. The final determination of eligibility for coverage is subject to the discretion of Brightech Incorporated. Upon receiving any monetary compensation for your purchase, your warranty coverage is completed and we will be unable to further compensate you for your order.