LightView 2in1 Details

  • Magnifying Lamp for Work & Hobbies
    This lamp is ideal for anyone who strains their eyes to see words on a page or works on projects that require small pieces because it magnifies up to 175% and provides light without glare. Our 3 diopter, 4.5-inch diameter lens brings renewed clarity to reading papers, doing cross stitch, knitting, crocheting, beadwork, or other hobbies that require small pieces. This magnifier lamp also works well on electronic devices such as a Kindle, mobile phone, or iPad.
  • Dimmable and Light Color Adjustable
    This lamp adjusts between your preferred temperature range from 3,000K warm white to 6,000K daylight white or anywhere in between. The touch dimmer allows you to easily adjust the brightness level with the tap of a finger to achieve the perfect lighting for drawing, reading, arts & crafts, sewing, needlework, working, and studying. Adjust this lamp from a desk lamp into a floor lamp and aim the light where you need it with the pivoting adjustable neck.
  • 20 Year Life and Energy Efficient
    This lamp includes a 9 Watt power-saving integrated LED light fixture so that you will never have to replace the lights. It's LED technology with an output of 800 lumens (equal to 60W incandescent) saves money vs short-lived, energy consuming standard halogen, CFL, or incandescent bulbs. Our LED lighting will last for more than 20 years without burning out or overheat. Save money and energy while enjoying the long lasting bright light.
  • 5 Year Satisfaction Guaranteed:
    Our goal at Brightech is to provide creative, innovative, and beautiful lighting so that everyone can have quality, high-end lighting in their home and office. We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full 5-year warranty. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us because our number one goal is customer satisfaction and we are committed to making it right for you.