Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp - Curved, Contemporary Minimalist Lighting Design - Warm White Light - Silver # B01KN1JO2K

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Enjoy futuristic mood lighting in your home or office with this crescent-shaped, ultra-thin LED bulb that's attached to a flexible metal stand. Gently bend the wire to curve the light above you; adjustable height extends approximately 47 to 66 inches.

Energy-saving 15-watt LED fixture lets you bask for hours in soft light. LED lighting never overheats the room; read a favorite book or review documents comfortably throughout the night.

With a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin, the Sparq bathes your living space or therapy room in warm white light that's easy on your eyes. The Arc lamp has 2,000 Lumens. Operates via foot pedal switch for simple on/off.

The skinny, illuminated curve design adds a whimsical dimension to your décor. With its lean frame that bends over you in an arc of light, the Sparq Floor Lamp could almost be a Dr. Seuss character! Splendid for a child's room. Assembly takes approximately 20 minutes.

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Product Description

The Sparq LED Arc Floor Lamp by Brightech brings something new to contemporary homes and workspaces. An innovative yet playful design perches an illuminated crescent-shaped LED light fixture atop a wire-thin metal base. The moon-like light curves over you as you read, do yoga, make your lesson plans, or meditate. Adjust the height just where you like it.

Because it's LED, the curving crescent beam of light never overheats; it will stay cool to the touch even after hours of use. At a mere 15 watts, it's also energy-efficient. Despite the slender shape, the Sparq Arc Floor Lamp surrounds you with warm white light. It has a color temperature of 3,000 Kelvin - bright enough to read by, yet soft and gentle on your eyes.

What's in the box and how does it all fit together? The Sparq's oblong outer box measures eleven inches wide by 4 1/2 feet or 53 inches tall. The tightly wedged inner box contains the Arc LED fixture, a pencil-thin silver-finished stem, a numbered diagram for assembly, a power cord with attached floor pedal on/off switch, AND a heavily weighted base in its own separate mini-box. From this sturdy anchor, the stem fits easily into the base. Turn the stem counter-clockwise several times, until securely tightened into base. You won't need a screwdriver. The Arc fixture attaches directly into the top of the stem. You may hear a slight click as they align; no turning necessary. Stands approximately 5 1/2 feet tall when fully assembled. Upper stem & fixture may tilt a little as you position them to the right spot; this is normal. Stands well on carpeted floor. The base slides easily across carpet where you want it to be.

The crescent-shaped Sparq combines well with Brightech's Eclipse LED Floor Lamp.These conversation-starting designs look great together; each complements the other's minimalist sci-fi charm.


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