Lightview Pro Magnifying Glass with LED Floor Lamp & Rolling Base/Stand White

Diopter: 3 Diopter (1.75x)

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BIG, BRIGHT MAGNIFYING LIGHT TO SEE SMALL DETAILS EASILY: This magnifier lamp was designed to ease your close up focus, even with vision problems such as aging eyes or macular degeneration. This dimmer lamp boasts the largest authentic diopter glass magnifier lens available, 4.5" wide, with a 15 inch+ focal range. The 3 diopter glass will magnify whatever you are working on up to 175%. It won't get hot so you can enjoy your hobbies comfortably. The 5 diopterĀ glass will magnify objects 2.25x or 225% bigger than their original size. Lenses with a higher diopter should be positioned closer to the object being magnified; the closer you work, the larger the details appear. It will work great for activities like metalworking, hand embroidery, reading and much more!


light9 Watt
light colorWarm White - Cool White
wattage9 Watt
bulb lifespan20 years
height24" - 55"
weight27 lbs
base15" diameter x 3.5" height
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  • Handsfree & Portable Upright Magnifier Light

    This modern, free standing lamp doesn't need a hand to hold it, so you can work with both hands. The wheels roll easily, making it perfect for dermatologists, beauticians, jewelers, tattoo artists, dentists and a range of pro tasks. Its swivel arm pivots in any direction and keeps the glass in place. It's no surprise esthetiticians love this for facials, eyelash extensions, etc.
  • Reviews: Great For Reading, Sewing, Knitting, Quilting, Puzzles, Crochet, Cross Stich, etc.

    Reviewers say this light helps them enjoy hobbies by reducing eye strain and avoiding headaches. Plus they feel greater pride and achievement in the outcome as a result of more precise detail work. Beside those mentioned, soldering, painting, woodworking, drawing, repair of small electronics and fly tying are other common uses.
  • Dimmable, Color Adjusting, LEDs Last 20 Years & Save Energy

    This standing light with built-in dimmer includes a 9 Watt, integrated LED light. It lasts 20 years so you will never have to replace it. The adjustable color temperature ranges 3,000K warm white- 6,000K cool white. The LEDs output 800 lumens brightness (60W incandescent equivalent), and the focus on your item makes it very bright.
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Customer Reviews

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Close to perfect light

I use this light in my aesthetics practice and I'm happy with it. It has a heavy sturdy bottom and good adjustable light choices. Where this light lacks a little bit is in its adjustability. It's restricted in moving freely in all directions so I need to move the entire light base and all to sometimes get the right angle which is cumbersome. All in all I am very happy and think this make a great craft/art light as well with the magnifier option if needed.