Ambience Pro Vintage Edition Outdoor Weatherproof Commercial Grade String Lights - Weather Tite Technology, Edison Bulbs Included, 48 Foot String, Black # AMBPROHANGINGBK

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  • ELONGATED SHAPE, DAZZLING GLOW: Ambience Pro’s Edison-style decorative bulbs feature hand-woven squirrel-cage filaments that create a vintage effect or antique ambiance. These teardrop-shaped bulbs imbue a much softer mood than lamplight; they illuminate with a sunset kind of glow, and won’t hurt your eyes when looking at them. Pair with a dimmer or a timer to have more variations in your lighting. The bulbs are wired in parallel circuits – if one goes out, the others will stay lit.
  • BUILT WITH WEATHERTITE TECHNOLOGY: Durable commercial-strength casing, available in either black or white, withstands extreme hot and cold temperatures and wet weather as your lights illumine the landscape year-round. This heavy-duty cord with rubber sockets looks and feels strong. UL Listed for Outdoor Use in 120v outlets.
  • EXPLORE NEW DECORATING POSSIBILITIES: Connect up to two 48-foot strands end to end, then customize your arrangements from tree to tree or in a chandelier-style cluster. With nearly 3 feet of space between bulbs, you can bathe your patio, garden, or gazebo in nostalgic, warm amber light. A loop on the back of each socket makes for easy installation using eye hooks, zip ties, or galvanized steel 16-gauge guide wire (available at home improvement or hardware stores).
  • SECURE PACKAGING: When your box arrives, you’ll find all 15 Edison-style glass bulbs individually wrapped to prevent breakage during shipping. Each bulb has 40 watts, for a total of 600 watts per strand. If using indoors, position the lights away from fabrics, curtains, or anything flammable. Replacement bulbs may be purchased separately.
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Manufactured from Brightech's WeatherTite technology

Manufactured from Brightech's WeatherTite technology, which adds layers of protection against extreme weather, these durable strings resist the elements - from heavy rains to hot and cold climates to ocean gales. The strands fuse heavy-duty power with ethereal warmth: two-prong socket lets you connect up to 2 string light sets end to end when you use the included Edison filament bulbs. Casting a soft amber glow, these lights imbue the dusk hours with a comforting aura. 30 inches of space between each vintage-style bulb extends a luminous effect across the nightscape, reminiscent of fairy lighting.

Approved for residential as well as commercial settings

Approved for residential as well as commercial settings, the Ambience Pro Vintage String Lights enhance the mood of al fresco dining whether you're at a sidewalk café or in your own backyard. The warm yellow glow from the bulb filaments feels romantic and calming while still being bright enough to dine by.

These strands perfectly adorn any porch, especially during the Christmas season. From winter holidays to weddings to sultry summer nights spent lounging outside, decorating with these nostalgic yet mesmerizing bulbs (15 per strand) lends a feeling of being in a different time and place. The quality of the light may remind you of candle flame - without the flickering!


Strand casing comes in white or black

Strand casing comes in white or black. White casing evokes the look of a French bistro in your backyard oasis while blending elegantly with every kind of outside décor. Basic black never goes out of style and conjures a sense of industrial-chic!

Ambience Pro Vintage String Lights weigh 11.3 pounds and are packaged securely with bulbs stored separately from wires. (Replacement bulbs can be purchased separately by searching for B00NP9ZWZQ on Amazon.) Install strand with sturdy materials such as galvanized steel guide wires, eye hooks, and quick links; plug-in to power via 120V outlets.


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