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Solar Lights for Boat Dock

They are bright enough to light the dock area and the and gangway to the dock. They seem to charge well even on some cloudy days. I am very pleased with them so far.

LightView PRO LED 3D or 5D Desk Lamp for Close Work - Bright, Lighted Magnifier for Reading, Crafts & Pro Tasks - Light Color Adjustable & Dimmable


Really beautiful and easy to put together. Will buy from Brightech again. Very good quality for price

Love these

I added a new flower bed this year and had to fence it due to bad bunnies. I hung these on that fence and they add a lot of light to the patio. They are perfect for what I needed.

Over Priced!!!

Shipping 14.99 did not help either. Panels are plastic not glass. Not worth the price. Shipping and handling automatically added after showing free shipping.

Great little bedside table

I recently started using a cpap and needed more space on my night stand. I sleep alone (yay!) and so I had room for this on the other side of my bed. It's perfect. I added an extra Philips Hue bulb I had and am using the bulb that came with it in another room. Now I have a great voice-activated reading light. I love having the two shelves and also a place to put my trash can underneath so it's not out in the open. Also, originally shipped with the wrong shade but I emailed them and had a new one in just a few days. Great customer service!

The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is that the charger is a 2 amp micro USB. Most higher end phones introduced the last few of years use USB-C (I haven't had a micro port on a phone in 4 years) and need 5 amps for fast charging and to keep from damaging the battery. Pretty much the only things I have that are still 2 amp are my wireless headphones and earbuds so the charger isn't much use to me.

Outdoor String Lights

We installed 48' of the 2 watt bulb String Lights on our iron tubular fencing overlooking our canyon. It WAS very dark back there & now it is FABULOUSLY well lighted. All was packaged properly & came in perfect condition. Only negative–– I think it would have been nice if an X-TRA bulb was included with each string of lights... needless to say, one got broken. VERY ROMANTIC LIGHTING.

Stylish Lamp!

I just love this minimalist design on this floor lamp. Adjustability of brightness makes it versatile to a variety of occasions.

Highly recommend

My 87 year old mom can enjoy reading again she has Macular degeneration and she has a very hard time seeing but now she enjoys it again plus doing her puzzles one for her living room and one for her bedroom I’m glad I purchased

A love story

After watching the review by Jill Wiseman, I gave it some thought, then purchased my does everything as advertised. This is our 25th year of bead camp, and I was hoping this lamp would be my eye savior . I’m in love, it’s bright, love the extended rectangular shape and magnification. I no longer have to wear anything on my head to see. What a difference. My old eyes thank you.

I don't even receive it.

It says that as delivered after 3 days from my order date, which is on July 4th. ( it was the free shipping option: 5-9 business days)
But it didn't arrive.

They kept saying that I have to wait another week and then after two weeks, they are saying that I have to wait again until they get to the bottom of this issue.
It was 12 emails sent and received from brightech, but still, didn't arrive and no refunded it yet.
I just ordered the different lamp from another website, because I couldn't any longer.

I paid about $70 already, but I don't receive anything.
I never had this kind of experience before.

excellent lamp

This light is fabulous. Iis so much brighter than my other lamps and the magnification is divine. I can see everything.

Wedding tent lights

Used the lights for an outdoor wedding with a dimmer switch. The warm white color was perfect for the romantic lighting. Only one light bulb did not work out of all the strings and I ordered 15 extra bulbs, just in case, so we were covered. We had a windstorm right before the wedding and everything whipped around but nothing broke; no light bulbs were positioned on the poles which helped. We are very happy with the color and quality of these LED Edison light strings.

Circle USB: LED Desk Lamp & Bedroom, Bedside Table Light Charges Phone

Large but quite capable desk lamp

This lamp is very well designed and constructed. It is able to swivel and locate its light fixture / magnifying lens just about anywhere you need within reach of its articulating arm. I'm quite pleased with it and would wish only for a model like it about two thirds its size. The transaction was quite smooth but be prepared for a dozen or more emails after your purchase from the supplier. Even after opting out of receiving emails I still receive some. Not particularly a redeeming quality for a company with very good products and service. .... J.G.

not well made lamp

This lamp was not well made! I have ordered from them in the past and have had a good experience, but not with this lamp! The main pole of the lamp has just broken and does not fit together. There are metal shavings that are noticeable at the base and the thread isn’t aligned. I am hoping to have someone reach out to me about a refund or sending out a new product. I am deeply disappointed.

Great magnifying light.

I have tried several magnifying lights but none work well. This 2 in 1 light works great for my hobby, so well we bought another for my husband. Great magnification and best light. You won’t be disappointed.

LED Waterproof Outdoor String Lights

Great product. Very well made but I dropped 2 lights and have to order replacements. Great company though, would definitely do business with them again.

great lamp

love the lamp easy to assemble lots of light

Great Buy

Loving my new lamp. The magnifer is crisp and clear. Floor model moves easily from location to location. I can comfortably craft all over the house. Planning for a table lamp for the sewing cabinet.

Very nice product

I purchased Ambience Pro Solar 1W - Waterproof LED Outdoor Solar String Lights for my sons gazebo. Hi likes it. So I decided to buy one for my self. It’s really fine product. I love it. So I bought another one. Even better, I received a coupon for $20 after I bought first set. I would recommend this product to any one. After two months they a work perfect.

Almost Perfect

They are easy to put up, add lots of bright light BUT.... go on way to late to truly appreciate. I tried setting the on button earlier but no matter what they go on at 9 pm and off at 5 am - i don’t enjoy them the way i thought I would. If I didn’t throw away the boxes i’d Probably return for less quality lights that went on a couple hours earlier. If they could fix that issue I’d buy more for my property.

Nice magnifying light

Light is bright and lens clarity is good. It would have been better if clip could be rotated to different orientations.

Poor quality, bulbs fall off and break

I’ll admit this is a beautiful lamp and I absolutely LOVED it when I first got it. After about 3 months, a bulb fell off and shattered in the middle of the night. These are obviously not replaceable, so I reached out to brightech and they charged me $20 for a new one to ship. I figured maybe I didn’t screw in all the way.

A month later, the same thing happened. Upon further inspection what was actually happening is the light gets so hot it melts the glue that holds the threaded fitting to the bulb. The bulb falls off the threads, and the threaded piece stays on.

I contacted Brighttech to give them feedback about the poor design (I’m an engineer) and they just said “sorry, it’s not under warranty.” DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT - terrible design!