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Great contemporary design

We're very pleased with the design of this lamp. It can deliver plenty of light, but since it's spread across the arc, there's no uncomfortable glare even though it doesn't have a traditional diffuser or lampshade. Would be nice if it could be switched & dimmed from the lamp itself so that we wouldn't have to go to the other side of the couch to get to the foot control.

Second Lamp

Second one and it works like a Charm.
Happy Customer!


It's such a great look. So easy to put together I hesitate to say "assemble". Perfect for my needs -- lighting without taking up visual real estate. Love it!

LOVE this lamp!!!

It looks so modern, and is a terrific light for reading! Really brings my room into the 21st century.

Delivery Time, Customer Service & Product

I ordered the light on August 29. Per the erroneous tracking number supplied by Brightech, it was delivered on Labor Day. However this was too good to be true. I received it on September 17. Customer service did nothing but advise me to contact USPS. The first time I contacted them it probably hadn't even been shipped to me yet. It was first shipped from a Brightech location in California to another Brightech location in Kentucky and then shipped to me. However, it is a great light - well-built, easy to assemble, good magnification and light. I had no trouble adjusting the position for cross-stitching. I also like the rectangular shape of the magnifier.


First of all, the quality of this light is A+......the versatility makes it easy to use......the lighting and magnification of the lens is impressive. I am very pleased with my purchase.

Excellent light

I do a lot of knitting and it’s very convenient to clasp the light onto the arm of my chair and knit, the lite is bright and the magnifying is excellent.

Only one complaint

My only complaint is that the sockets are spaced 24" apart, but when strings are plugged together, there's 48". I would think that being most people will connect multiple strings, they would have manufactured them with 12" ends...

Conveniently Simple

Love these new lamps, they blend into decor seamlessly and it's been so nice having a charger at the bedside table without additional wires. The phone does get a little hot if it's on the charger for a while so it's worth monitoring the first time you use it.

Bright tech not so bright

I bought two of these both require multiple pushes of the on button to get it to function. I wound up with the wrong color on the second one. The first one seems brighter than the second one, which is why I bought the second one. Trying to get the $20 "Gift card giveaway" is hell on Instagram. The pole holding the light is flimsy.
Shipping was excellent. Setup was easy. I like the style.

Surprisingly, top heavy

I purchased this lamp to replace a much-less expensive one with a worn-out switch. I was not able to find the original one again but I knew I still wanted a lamp with a long flexible neck and a magnifier that I could bend over my beading work as needed. I thought this was the perfect replacement.

This lamp has an excellent, bright light and magnifier. I knew when I purchased it that I would be using it on the base because of my beading location. The base is nice and heavy and I never expected to have an issue with the lamp tipping forward when the light is directed over my work. But it does. I tried using the lamp with the clamp instead and although it worked better for my purposes, I don't have enough lip on my work table to safely hold the lamp.

I have since worked the flexible neck into such a position using the base that the light shines properly over my work without falling over, but it's still not as comfortable as I would like when I need to use the magnifier.

Even with the good qualities this lamp has, I would not buy it again.

Good quality and design.

The lamp looks good in a room. The shelves are an added advantage. The light is not enough as this lamp is more for decoration than lighting.

Funky but functional

What a fun lamp! Looks great and very functional! Love my lamp!


Great light! Could be better.

The color temp is perfect and must be high cri because it looks very natural. The pictures online and the box it came in show the stand to be black. I received a chrome stand. It needs one more lower setting on the dimmer. Even better would be a potentiometer for adjustment. The foot switch is a nice idea, but the cord it so short between the lamp and switch that it's not very useful. If anything, it makes it harder to use. Still, it's a great lamp and I may buy another. One other suggestion would be some sort of locking system that would allow you to use it in a vertical position without it swinging around if it gets bumped.

Just what I needed

This light was easy to assemble. I like that the brightness of the light can be adjusted with the touch of a button. The magnifying glass is great also. It’s a great light for doing counted cross stitch.

bought one liked it so well bougt two more

Sleek and simple

Adds a stylish flair to the very modern dining room.

Good value

Not so bright

I thought the light would be a lot brighter than it is and the top would be more adjustable. Not happy with it and my old lamp puts out more light but its not pretty..

Arc forever!

I have been struggling to find a lamp that would not cast a sideway shadow as I read books in bed. This arc lamp was perfect as I have tall ceiling and I'm not about to install any over head lights in my rental. Looks dramatic and easy to install. The only issue was the way the box looked when it arrived: water stains and banged up. I wasnt even sure if it would work but I did plug it in and it works!

Besides Instagram, where can I send the picture to receive a $20 Brightech gift card? Please advise. Thanks.

SKY - LED Torchiere Super Bright Floor Lamp, Living Room & Office

LightView XL Magnifyig Glass Light: 2in1 Floor Standing to Table Lamp from Brightech

I bought this lamp from Brightech. It's a game changer when stitching tiny beads for jewelry. It has a perfect magnifying area and the light it bright. Plus I had a coupon. Received it quickly and it was easy to assemble.