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I love it!

I put it by my chair and now I can read all that fine print on bottles. I have fallen in love with these lights.

A fine lamp

I needed ambient lighting for my living room, the Lucas floor lamp does the job. It’s the right height for my sofa and favorite reading chair. Ordering, shipping and assembly were super easy and swift. The light really warms up the room. I recommend this lamp.

Loved it ❤️

Honestly I’m happy with my lamp.

Terrific LED Table Light!

I got 2 of these lamps for small tables that flank the sliding glass doors in the master bedroom. It creates the desired effect, making for a stunning visual display. I had been searching for unique lighting and this fits the bill perfectly!

Perfect Lighting

This lamp is so awesome! We purchased it for our deck and we just love it. The soft lighting is exactly what we were looking for. It lights up the entire deck with its soft ambiance. It feels so relaxing when in use. Thank you Brightech! We definitely recommend this lamp if your looking for one. 👍👍👍

Nice Quality

The Trilage Modern LED Arc Floor Lamp is solid, easy to put together (just took my time and read the instructions). It has a heavy base (marble) so it is very sturdy, very well packed and looks much more expensive than the reasonable price I paid.

Simply wonderful lighting

I have been crafting for over 20 years and this is by far the best light I've ever used! I've tried other brand names costing much more and they didn't provide half as much light.

Led magnifying lamp

I love my lamp,it reduces my eye strain considerably. A good investment.


Happy with purchase overall. I didn't notice that the only switch was the floor switch which is several feet down the cord. Luckily, I was able to put most of the excess behind the sofa and fish it back to the side so I could still reach the switch. Shade has to be assembled, it comes rolled up and snaps on the two wire circles with Velcro to close seam and I had my doubts, but it looks ok

Great price, pretty good lamp

This lamp provides a good amount of light, such that it can be the only light in a 12 x 15 room.
The one feature I don't like is the light is a glaringly harsh white light. Its not the sort of light one would want to have as the only lamp in the room.

From a price point and functionality point of view, it is a bargain. I guess in order to get a softer, more soothing light quality, the price point would need to be much higher.

love them but I thought I was getting the solar...still going to keep them but if anyone knows were to get the 2w solar from brighttech, please let me know..

Ambience Pro LED 2W - Waterproof LED Outdoor String Lights 48ft

Love this lamp...

A few levels of brightness adjustment, and I have yet to notice much if any glare from this light on my flatscreen TV. I love this lamp.

I LOVE this lamp!

Fantastic product! I'm an artist, and have recently been dealing with eye strain. This lamp has an extra large, lighted viewing area that makes it easy for me to view my work, and my subjects in detail. Having the optional floor stand mount, is terrific for when I'm working with far too many things on my table, as always. :) And, I love that the different color temperatures of the lamp, give me different perspectives of my subject, as well! I'm already using my Brightech lamp every day, and hoping to enjoy it for many years to come. Thank you for the wonderful purchase!

Twist floor lamp

Great design, contemporary, dimmable .. love this lamp

Not as good as the lamp it replaced but...

better than any other choice in their line.

I really miss the SMOOTH control of the Sky LED Torchiere but for some reason they stopped making this perfect lamp. Cheap and inferior products ensued. I've tried them all, and am never happy but this one comes the closest. It's push button instead of a nice, smooth brush of the fingers. It doesn't dim, but goes from one of 3 settings to the next. But at least you can get a soft light after a few tries. So disappointed in this company for discontinuing a perfect lamp for no apparent reason.

Horrible light

I bought this light hoping it would be similar to a light that was (for some reason) discontinued. It is awful. Brightness control is clunky and difficult to control.
Even at its softest setting the light is way to bright and does not give the general glow one expects from a light that reflects off the ceiling. The hype is wrong, this light is not easy to dim or brighten without taking several tries. I always liked this company but taking a perfect lamp off the roster and putting on cheap and ineffective substitutes lost them a customer.

Fantastic Lamps with NO Headaches!

These are fantastic lamps for our clinic rooms and offices! They do not cause any further pain to our patients eyes nor cause headaches that other lights do. They are perfect for our admin offices as well and make the offices much more comfortable for viewing computer screens.


Wonderful diffused light. Great for reading and needlework.


So far lights performing as promised. Just wish lights were white.
Would buy again

Twist - LED Floor Lamp - Unique & Modern, Dimmable

Lighting with flare

I love this thing. I was a bit circumspect upon opening the box to see such a simple "top" - just a circular disk, if you will. Well, that top go Boom once in position with electricity flowing to it via the press of a touch switch. The top also rotates, providing all different angles you can direct the light with.

Ultimately, it's brighter than I thought it would be, it's durable, and its dimming feature (plus lack of any gimmicky features) is great. The dimmer has three settings. I use all three. It also comes in many colors. I think it looks simple and sleek. For well under $100, this blows the last floor lamp I had - and unknowingly suffered with for 10 years - out of the water, and I may just grab another.